Backup - Client Backup tool - AOMEI Centralized Backupper 2.1

In previous blog article I discussed about Veeam Backup tool focusing on its client backup functionality:

Today I would like to mention this product. (AOMEI Centralized Backupper 2.1)

Very briefly:

  • It is a centralized backup management solution that enables you to create and manage backup tasks for all PCs, workstations, servers and virtual machines within LAN from a single central management computer.
  • Price are quite cheap.
  • You could remotely monitor backup jobs for all your clients with the central control server.
  • You could centrally manage and backup of all these clients to network share or NAS.

I did not have time to test it, and I hope to get a free trial licence to do that. Meanwhile I preferred taking note about that on blog and share this information, hoping that would be useful for someone.

More information about features and licensing are at below link