Hacker - PwnSTAR: fake WIFI access point

It's easy to find, in any location, free wifi available. But, it could be a fake Wifi, to get your credential, use man in the middle or redirect you to fake website.

This intersting Italian article better explain this argument  and give you a step by step guide to install it.

It could be useful, for test purpose, to find any security tips to don't fall in this kind scams.


PwnSTAR is a script installed on most Linux distribution, can simulate all and all for one "Fake Access Point", an Access Point "bait" can lure unsuspecting users to the detriment of what you can accomplish all a series of actions, such as:
  •      Create a Honeypot or an Access Point "open" (without providing access to the Internet), and then use nmap, Metasploit and other;
  •      Intercepting the WPA handshake;
  •      provide access to the Internet at the same time launching an attack Man-in-the-middle;
  •      Perform a redirect the victim to the web page that we want (eg to a phishing site);
  •      launch Karmetasploit to capture credentials, collect data and conduct attacks on the client-side browser.