Software - AOMEI PXE Boot tool

PXE is the short for "Preboot Execute Environment". AOMEI PXE Boot Tool is designed for solving the problem that boots many computers from micro system in network. Broadly speaking, you can create a micro system with a third party tool. Also, you can do a bootable Linux image or Windows PE image file with the tool offered by AOMEI Backupper. You can use AOMEI PXE Boot Tool and make other clients or target computers boot from these micro system. After booting, you can backup, restore or maintain system with tools offered with Windows PE micro system. 

In a word, PXE Boot Tool can be one of the ways to maintain computer. When many computers in LAN need to be backed up or restored system, AOEMI PXE Boot Tool will do a great help. What’s more, it is free software for personal and system manager, aims to provide users with a faster and easier method to build PXE server and cheer users. 

Advantages of AOMEI PXE Boot Tool
Strong Compatibility
Compared with other PXE boot tools, AOMEI PXE Boot Tool supports bootable micro-system created by you. Therefore, if you have a powerful Linux bootable ISO or Windows PE bootable ISO, you can easily maintain the computers within LAN through network with your micro-system.
Easy Interaction
Special designed for network boot, easy interaction and uses it in two steps: 
Install AOMEI PXE Boot to a master computer, select an image file and start service.
For the client computers need to be maintained from network boot, set its BIOS boot mode as "Network boot".

Related Freeware
AOMEI PXE Boot is a tool deriving from AOMEI Backupper, a powerful backup and restore software; it's also a necessity for system maintenance. Therefore, you can make use of this PXE tool through download backup software - AOMEI Backupper Standard.