Backup - vrBackupper freeware Oculus Rift backup

Today I would like to mention this program vrBackupper is a complete free and easy-to-use Oculus Rift backup, restore and migration tool.:

1. Backup saved game and its game configurations
What game players are fearing is that saved game progress lost when they restart game, or reinstall Oculus rift. In general, vrBackupper is able to backup your VR game configurations covering saved game progress, in-game level, equipment, and gold. Even though you restore Oculus installation to other computers, or migrate to a different drive, you can still continue your game from the latest saving point. Have fun for your game.

2. Move Oculus Rift game to other computer without re-downloading
3. Move VR game to another drive to ensure enough installation space


[update 2018.06.17]

I would like to highlight that tool was indicated as GDPR Compliance: