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Google Bookmarks in Chrome

As you know, unfortunately, you can't use google tool bar in google Crome, strange but true.

So if you need to add some website to the Google Bookmark Service you must use the following workaround:

Visit the following link:

Drag and Drop the button to your browser's bookmarks.

I write, as reminder, other useful link to drag and drop to the browser's bookmarks:


Google Bookmarks:

Google Doc:

Google Notebook:

Google Maps:

Google News:

Google Books:

Google Translates:

Google Groups:


Come sapete, purtroppo, non è possibile utilizzare lo strumento barra di Google in GoogleCrome, strano ma vero.

Quindi se avete bisogno di aggiungere qualche sito web per il servizio Google Bookmark è necessario utilizzare la seguente soluzione:

Visitare il seguente link:

Drag and Drop il pulsante per i segnalibri del browser.

Scrivo, come promemoria, altri link utili per trascinare ai segnalibri del browser:

Google Maps:

Google News: