CITRIX #PVS Machine Account Password

On PVS Citrix servers you have to do this configuration avoiding that provisioned server, using VHDX technology, will face Machine Account password misalignement.

Command line - findstr paramater

There is an easy way to find string internally command output.

This command is Findstr known.

systeminfo | findstr /i "system model" 

To find local server/pc network connection in plase below command it could be very useful

nestat -ano | findstr /i "x.y.z.w"

Security #How to encrypt 7zip folders using as repository

If you have necessity to protect some folders using passwords/encryption using as single repository (where copy/modify/delete folders/Files) consider that 7zip has a simple feature that permit to get this result.

An alternative way is using EFS (more secure) or attaching .VHD file and proceeding, furthermore, to apply bitlocker encryption.

Here they are related articles useful to go deeper on this topic.

7zip, EFS

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