USB - Usb deview Tool

It might happen that an USB device is no longer recognized and driver reinstall procedure end with error.

There is an interesting tool, in my experience, that permit you to clean any driver reference  and permitting you to start a clean driver installation.

Tool name is USBDeview provided by Nirsoft

Other tool features are:

  • All USB devices that are and was connected/used on your device are show with full  devices information.
  • USB devices uninstallation, disconnection and driver cleanup (both used and old connected devices as well)

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Antivirus - cacaoweb.exe and removal procedure

During these time period we noted (through network checks/tools) on single client several bandwidtch usage.

We checked client device physically and we found that these process was using several network resources.

Antivirus was unable to locate it but searching on internet this .exe was cathegorazied as malware/adware


more details are indicated at below link:

Removal was done Installing, running and cleaning with AdwCleaner

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