Cisco - AnyConnect Domain Password change

Using Cisco Any Connect with AD users you may face that you account password is expired and you are unable to connect. To override problem you need to configure Cisco ASA to authenticate, to DC, indeed with normal LDAP standards (over 389 TCP port) using LDAPS (636 TCP port).

Your AD server must be able to authenticate via LDAPS (normally is not configured)

Here it is an article that explain how to do that

About LDAPS you can give a look to below article to have a major idea:

P.S. 1 for LDAP(s) testing purposes you can use ldp.exe DC utility Open utility:

C:\> ldp.exe

From Connection, select Connect.

Enter name of target domain controller.

Enter 636 as port number (this is the LDAPS port).

Click OK to confirm the connection works.

You're all done!

P.S. 2 consider that Citrix Netscaler requires LDAPs to permit users to change password when it is expired (otherwise user is blocked)

Tips - Errore di autenticazione La funzione richiesta non è supportata La causa potrebbe essere la Correzione crittografia Oracle per CredSSP.

 During these days I faced below error when trying to logon on remote clients/servers:

Connessione Desktop Remoto

Errore di autenticazione.

La funzione richiesta non è supportata.

Computer remoto:

La causa potrebbe essere la Correzione crittografia Oracle per CredSSP.

Per altre informazioni, vedi

I followed below article instructions.

Basically I changed gpedit.msc single setting and then launched 

start --> CMD --> Gpudate /force.

After these actions problem was succesfully fixed.

Cisco - WLC 3504 how to create new SSID and reset password

If you manage your wireless infrastructure using Cisco WLC 3504 here they are steps to create a new Wireless SSID and how you can reset password:

Outlook - How to defer all email sent after xy minutes

In real world it might happen to send wrong emails ( contents and destination contacts) and realize, after a while, that you already clicked on Outlook send button.

To avoid this kind of mistakes you can configure your outlook to send all emails only after waiting xy amount of time. (from 1 to 120 minutes)

Original article and more details can be found at below link:

Here they are basics step by step screenshots that well explain how to get that.

Apple - Automate tasks/actions with "Shortcuts" app

Today I would like to share and mention this Apple App that work fine with iPad and Iphone.

It permit to create automatic tasks,shortcuts with multipe steps scripts, scheduling, one click actions  and automating things you do regularly on your iPhone and iPad. 

2016 - Print Server and XP incompatibility

There is a well known Windows XP and 2016 print server incompatibility.

If you try to add a printer you will receive below error.

Workaround is, on XP clients, adding a new local printer as below screenshots

You must refer to print server printers using a similar link a.e. \\printserveripaddress\printername

Choose correct printer driver:

Latter point you must assign printer name.

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Monitoring - SNMP

About SNMP I am taking note about this iteresting Paessler article that well explain some SNMP basics and tool useful to be used with PRTG monitoring tools.

Have a nice reading time:

Explore some standard MIB files with a tool that allows you to, like the Paessler MIB Importer (free). Pro tip: If you are a PRTG Network Monitor user, the MIB folder under the installation path of your PRTG instance is a little treasure chest.

Check the capabilities of your own devices. Pro tip: To easily get an overview, you can run an SNMP walk over the main branch OID with a suitable tool, like the Paessler SNMP Tester (free).

Citrix - Netscaler backups approaches

In Citrix environments an important components is NetScaler.

It permit remote connection without using VPN clients.

There are several corrects VM backups ways.

Below article well explain how to: