Security - Are you part of an online data breach ?

There are some methods that I found checking if your email account is affected in any data breach.

  1. You can visit below websites, insert your emails, and verify which websites faced any data breach. & (in this case you will receive an email report on your account) (in this case you will receive real time emails when data breach will occur on your accounts. PREREQUISITE be aware that firefox email account creation is necessary)

  2. Alternatively, to have constantly your emails accounts monitored, you can install Avast Antivirus on your your mobile devices (there is a section where put your emails accounts to be monitored)



Citrix - Teams installation & Remote Assistance Request/Offer limitation

On citrix & VDI environment you must install Teams customized version.

About Citrix you can find more installation information in below link.

Unfortunately Remote Assistance Request/Offer limitation (built-in) is not permittd on Virtualized environment.

Hoping that this information could be useful for somen.

Vmware - How to extend vcenter disk

Extending Vmware VM disks is an easy procedure, but in any case I am taking note on blog relative official procedure.

Indeed in case you are going vcenter low space relative procedure is slightly more articulated.

Here it is official procedure

Cisco - Disable AnyConnect SSL VPN portal website

During these days I was wondering if it is possible to disable the Cisco ASA VPN page and continue to use SSL vpn with the client. These question was rasing due to security concerns about, a.e., AD user locking out. 

Using ASDM you need to follow below steps. 

Configuration > Connection Profiles > Check the box "Shut down portal login page"

This features seems to be confirmed in this very exhaustive article too:

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