SCCM 2012 - System Center Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library

The System Center Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library installs and updates the Windows PowerShell module for System Center Configuration Manager.

The System Center Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library lets you manage a Configuration Manager hierarchy by using Windows PowerShell cmdlets and scripts. Microsoft regularly updates the cmdlets for Configuration Manager. The System Center Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library checks for library updates on a daily basis, and notifies you to download the updated library.

Veeam - Veeam Endpoint Backup Free - Free version released

As I already mentioned in precedent post Veeam released new Backup software focalized on Client and Laptop for free.

Product Overview | FAQ

Product guides
Veeam Endpoint Backup User Guide

Release notes

Release Notes

Fast, hassle-free backups

Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE is the perfect solution for scheduling automatic backups of your entire system or the specific volumes and folders of your choosing. Or, if the need should arise, you can run standalone full backups as well. Backups created with Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE can be saved to one of the following locations:
• External storage devices (e.g., USB hard drive)
• Network shared folder
• Veeam Backup & Replication™ repository

After an initial full backup has completed, Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE performs incremental backups—copying only new or changed data blocks since the last backup cycle. This, combined with built-in compression and deduplication, means your backups will be fast and use as little storage as possible.

Easy-to-use recovery

If you ever need to get your data back, Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE offers several easy-to-use recovery options—all from the same image-level backup, including:
• Bare-metal: Restore your entire system to the same or different hardware
• Volume-level: Restore a failed hard drive or partition
• File-level: Restore individual files in minutes!

Integration with Veeam Backup & Replication*

Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE integrates with Veeam Backup & Replication in your VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environment, allowing you to take full advantage of Veeam backup repositories as target locations for your Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE jobs, while working within Veeam Backup & Replication, you’ll also be able to:
• Restore guest files and application items from endpoint backup files with Veeam Explorers™ for Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server
• Export physical disks contents from backup into VMDK/VHD/VHDX virtual disk files
• Get basic monitoring and management for all incoming backups, including email notifications about endpoint backup status
• Get endpoint backups off site to disk, tape or even the cloud with Backup Copy and Backup to Tape jobs
• Encrypt endpoint backups stored in Veeam backup repositories
• Assign end-user permissions to individual Veeam backup repositories
• Apply traffic throttling settings to Veeam Endpoint Backup jobs
Bootable recovery media
If the OS installed on the computer fails to start for some reason, you can boot the OS from the recovery image. Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE lets you create a bootable recovery image of your computer on different kinds of media, including:
• Removable storage devices (e.g., USB flash drives, SD cards, etc.)
• CD/DVD/BD media
• ISO image

Built-in administration and diagnostic tools

Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE includes both proprietary and Microsoft Windows diagnostic tools to help you troubleshoot issues and accomplish advanced administration tasks, including:
• Reset password: Reset the password for the built-in Administrator account
• Startup repair: Fix system problems that might prevent Windows from starting (e.g., missing or damaged system files, corrupted boot sector, etc.)
• Memory diagnostics: Check the system memory of your computer and detect potential problems after the next system reboot

• Command prompt: Start the Windows command prompt 

Product Videos

Ease of installation/General UI overview

Backup methods, targets and scheduling options video
Restore possibilities from a single backup
Bringing it together Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE and Veeam Backup & Replication

Product Screenshots

Office - Microsoft Power Map

Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Excel! This is a video report created in Excel using the preview versions of Power Query and Power Map. The video shows an overview of beer sales in Norway, using publicly available information from the web and extracted using Power Query. Power Pivot was used to create a data model and then Power Map was used to visualise the information.

Introduction to Power Map

In this lesson we'll learn how to use Power Map, Microsoft's new Excel add-in used to create 3D geospatial visualizations. During the product development cycle, Power Map was known by the name "GeoFlow". Its new name reflects its place in the suite of Microsoft's self-service BI tools, Power BI.

Power Map integrates with Power Pivot data models created in Excel, and leverages the Bing Maps service for visualization and geolocation.

In this video we'll create layers of data on a 3D mapping surface. By combining several layers into a single, interactive visualization, our visualizations help lead to insights not possible using conventional visualizations. 

In the next video lesson, we'll take this visualization to the next level by adding an animated "tour" that walks information consumers through the story our data is telling.

IT - Informatici senza frontiere - IT workers without frontiers

In a changing world, Informatici Senza Frontiere offers a new, smarter, sustainable and inclusive use of technology.
The association provides its time, skills, experience and passion in computing to fulfil non profit projects, focusing its action on contexts of marginalization, difficulties and emergencies, both in Italy and in developing countries.
It acts to fill the digital divide and promotes a process of growth for individuals or groups, leading everyone to consciously appropriate his own potential by knowledge and information technologies.
It is founded on the values of human dignity, respect and solidarity, and the words inclusion anddevelopment are its own belief.
Founded in 2005, IT Without Borders has today 13 sections, over 300 members, hundreds of projects concluded and an important presence at the 2013 ITU World Summit of the UN as a representative at the European level of what  IT can do in the field of disability.
In un mondo che cambia Informatici Senza Frontiere propone un nuovo uso della tecnologia più intelligente, sostenibile e solidale.
Offre il proprio tempo, le proprie competenze, esperienze e passioni informatiche per realizzare progetti no profit, privilegiando contesti di emarginazione e difficoltà e situazioni di emergenza, in Italia e nei Paesi in via di sviluppo.
Lavora per colmare il divario digitale e per favorire un processo di crescita, individuale o di gruppo, che porti ciascuno ad appropriarsi consapevolmente delle proprie potenzialità attraverso le conoscenze e le tecnologie informatiche.
Si fonda sui valori del rispetto della dignità umana e della solidarietà e fa delle parole inclusione esviluppo il proprio credo.
Nata nel 2005 Informatici Senza Frontiere è una ONLUS che ha oggi 10 sezioni regionali, oltre 300 soci, centinaia di progetti al suo attivo ed un’importante presenza al Vertice Mondiale 2013 ITU dell’ONU come rappresentante a livello europeo di ciò che l’IT può fare nel settore della disabilità.

Microsoft - Free download link Windows 8.1 ISO and USB/DVD creation procedure

Microsoft published an official free program through which to download  Windows 8.1 ISO.

You need download Windows Installation Media Creation Tool

Download link:

Take attention, you can download ISO only if you have a valid serial.

If later you would like to create Live USB you can utilize this utility:


[original article]

Tips - How to remove Teslacopy Virus

remove teslacrypt

If you want to remove Teslacopy on PC that got that and encrypted relative files you can proceed in this way

Sophos - Virus Removal Tool

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware


If you want to manually update definitions you need to follow this article:

Anvi Smart Defender


If you want to remove it manually you should take a look this article:

[update 2016.06.01]

Here is TeslaDecoder that is used to decrypt files.

Download TeslaDecoder

About usage you can view this article:

SCCM 2012 - How to automate O.S. deployment, TPM bios enable, OSD task sequencer on Dell/Lenovo/HP Pc

I found interesting articles that show you how to automate images deployment and bitlocker implementation too with SCCM.


Here is old Bitlocker blog article:

At the same time to deploy Bitlocker you need to enable TPM inside Bios, about that you can view tool and syntax giving a look to following links:

HP and Dell PCs:

here you can find relative article that explain you how to proceed with SCCM 2012

The maily idea is to have OU/Bitlocker GPO already setting up, later, depending on your pc vendor, add commands that enable, in BIOS, TPM processor.

If you want to store Bitlocker password in AD you can take a look to this article:

[update 2016.12.31]

You should be aware that TrueCrypt development was no longer maintained/updated  since 2014.

Hacker - Truecrypt alternatives

Several security bugs have been not resolved.

You fan review this article about some alternatives that I summarize them in this article too.,.

Here they are Truecrypt alternatives (from my side I use, normally, 2. and 7. options):
  1. VeraCrypt You can find a full list of improvements and corrections that VeraCrypt made on TrueCrypt here. It is open source and free.
  2. Bitlocker no encrypted containers ability and not open source.
  3. DiskCryptor supports encryption of external devices including hard drives, USB drives, CDs, and DVDs
  4. CipherShed
  5. FileVault 2 Apple’s answer to Bitlocker, no encrypted containers ability and not open source.
  6. LUKS
  7. SafeHouse Explorer – 3.01 Portable

SCCM 2012 R2 - Intune and SCCM survival Guide


SCCM 2012 R2 is a great product that give you the ability to do a lot of things.

Since the beginning it give you the ability to manage mobile phones too, act like MDM, encrypting...

Everything's available through Intune feature.

SCCM is a product on which I have a long and strength experience.

If you like you could take a look to following links with all blog's related articles.

SCCM 2012 R2 - How to manage modern mobile Devices (like MDM or BB) with SCCM 2012 R2 and Intune

Here are some interesting articles/Microsoft guides

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Survival Guide

Microsoft Intune Survival Guide

Vmware - How create USB drive to install 6.0 ESXi

If you would like to create USB Live to install Vmware ESXi 6.0 you should get:

1.  Download ESXi 6.0
2. Download UNetbootin to create USB live from .iso

Exchange 201X- How get all users who have a forwarding email, redirect rule and delegate permission on them mailboxes or Outlook folders

How get all users who have a forwarding email enablex, redirect rules and permission delegation on their mailboxes or Outlook folders

Get-mailbox | select DisplayName,ForwardingAddress | where {$_.ForwardingAddress -ne $Null}

To find Forward Rules:

foreach ($i in (Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited)) { Get-InboxRule -Mailbox $i.DistinguishedName | where {$_.ForwardTo} | fl MailboxOwnerID,Name,ForwardTo >> d:\Forward_Rule.txt }

To find Redirect Rules:

foreach ($i in (Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited)) { Get-InboxRule -Mailbox $i.DistinguishedName | where {$_.ReDirectTo} | fl MailboxOwnerID,Name,RedirectTo >> d:\Redirect_Rule.txt }

Here's what I ended up using to find rules that wholesale forward or redirect...

foreach ($i in (Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited)) { Get-InboxRule -Mailbox $i.DistinguishedName | where {$_.RedirectTo -or $_.ForwardTo -and -not ($_.description -match "If the message") } | fl MailboxOwnerId,Description >> rules.txt }

If you prefer to focalize on single user:

Get-InboxRule -Mailbox | fl

Get-InboxRule -Mailbox

Get-InboxRule -Mailbox | fl MailboxOwnerID,Name,RedirectTo

If you want to view all users that delegated permission in outlook on them mailboxes on each single folder:

Get-Mailbox  –Identity '' | Get-MailboxFolder –Recurse -MailFolderOnly | Get-MailboxFolderPermission | Where-Object {$_.AccessRights –notlike “Owner” –or $_.AccessRights –notlike “None”} | Format-Table Identity, FolderName, User, AccessRights –AutoSize

Otherwise there this commands:

Get-MailboxFolderPermission –Identity '' | Fl

Tips - Create Auto Shutdown CCleaner ico

If you need to create an Icon that execute CCleaner automatically and then shutdown pc here are relative parameters:

"C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /AUTO /SHUTDOWN

The x64/64-bit version could look like this:

"C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe" /AUTO /SHUTDOWN

What It Does:

1. Allows CCleaner to automatically clean your already user pre-selected items in the Cleaner section.
2. Automatically shutdown your PC.

There's no countdown timer, and it will shut down your PC immediately after CCleaner finishes.

Q: Does this also run the registry cleaner?
A: No it doesn't. There's no parameter to allow for automatic registry cleaning.

About all parameter you can view Piriform Documentation: CCleaner command line parameters

Exchange 201X - Enable OOO message on different user

Here is workflow to enable OOO on different users.

1. Exchange  Management Console (EMC)

=> Login to the Exchange Control Panel

=> Mail => Options => select Another User.

=> Select the user for whom you want to configure Automatic Reply.

=> Once a user is selected a new IE page opens & you can see a notification saying ” Admin is working on behalf of => click “Tell people you’re on vacation”

=> Select “Send AutomaticReplies” => Select the date & enter the OOF message => Click Save.

=> Select appropriate option if you want the OOF to be sent to users outside the organization => “select automatic reply messages to senders outside my organization” select => “Send replies to all external senders”=> enter the OOF message & save.

2. Exchange Management Shell (EMS):

Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration –AutoReplyState Scheduled –StartTime “1/4/2015″ –EndTime 5/4/2015″ –ExternalMessage “External OOF message content” –InternalMessage “Internal OOF message content”.

verify autoreply settings single user

Get-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration username

3. How to disable OOO single user

Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration –AutoReplyState Disabled –ExternalMessage $null –InternalMessage $null