Windows 10/11 - how to limit Windows Update bandwidth

Here it is article that explain on how to limit badnwidth used for Windows updates background and foreground downloading.


In case you have necessity to view stored wifi passwords this is command that is necessary to be executed. (with administrative rights)

for /f "skip=9 tokens=1,2 delims=:" %i in ('netsh wlan show profiles') do @echo %j | findstr -i -v echo | netsh wlan show profiles %j key=clear

Windwos - How to throttling Network file transfer speed

I am taking note, on blog, about an interesting article that explain several ways used to limit bandwitch usage during file transfer.

From my side, GPO, related to QoS was decisevely useful.

Vmware #Vmware tools & Windows update

Windows Update permit to download updated Vmware Tools.

On Virtual environment it is important to know if this behavior is acceptable or might arise outages risks.

Here it is Vmware article that confirm that this update approaching way it is both safe and acceptable

Security - Kerberos and CVE-2022-37967

The November 8, 2022 Windows updates address security bypass and elevation of privilege vulnerabilities with Privilege Attribute Certificate (PAC) signatures. This security update addresses Kerberos vulnerabilities where an attacker could digitally alter PAC signatures, raising their privileges.

After this patch patch installation you must, to prevent DC problems, following 4 steps indicated in bottom article

KB5020805: How to manage Kerberos protocol changes related to CVE-2022-37967

Office - 2016/2019 stop supported for connecting MS 365 services (a.e. Exchange online, Sharepoint on line or OneDrive for business) #October 10, 2023

CISCO - Show the Complete Configuration without Breaks/Pauses on Cisco Router/Switches, ASA Firewall and WLC

On Cisco Network devices you could have necessity to show running configuration withouth breaks/pauses:


show terminal | in Length

terminal length 0

show run

show run brief 


config paging disable

show run-config" to display the config.

Cisco ASA

Pager (saved)

terminal pager (telnet session not saved)

The default is 24 lines; 0 means no page limit.

1. Type "pager 0" in priviledged mode to set your terminal to display without any breaks.

2. Type "show run-config" to display the config.

3. Type "pager 20" in priviledged mode to set your terminal to display with breaks every 20 lines.

full article: