Server - RDP tools to manage more RDP server/client connections

During these years I indicated several tools that give you ability to connect RDP to server/clients other than various capabilities (http/s connections with password saving, ssh, telnet etc etc)

Today I would like to summarize all this articles with an index articles adding latter tool that I found, in free edition here.

1.) Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager Entry

If you want to compare differences you can review this link too:

2.) Royal Ts 

is nice tool (it is not free) to have a single point to connect to server in RDP without need to open plenty of windows and overriding user and password insert every time that you connect to servers.

Here is latest free version

Version 1.5.x Downloads (Freeware):

All previsious version can be found on this link:

Latest version (you need to pay to use it) is:

Royal TS v Version 3.1.4

A good alternative it is utilizing mRemote that is free (but if I am not wrong software is no longer updated) but it work excellently in any case

mRemoteNG supports the following protocols:
  • RDP (Remote Desktop/Terminal Server)
  • VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
  • ICA (Citrix Independent Computing Architecture)
  • SSH (Secure Shell)
  • Telnet (TELecommunication NETwork)
  • HTTP/HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  • rlogin
  • Raw Socket Connections
Other two tools are:



Tips - MAC addresses and producer correlation, subnet calculator and

Due to MAC address that is used from an ethernet device you could have opportunity to determine some vendor information based on that.

For that purpose I am indicating a web site (there are plenty similar on the web) that can be used for this search purpose.

The same website has a simple form to calculate, from IP and subnet, all other useful network information:

If finally you need to understand which is the service associated to a port number you can review this link too:

Excel - Find Vertical

There is an interesting function in excel that permit you to search a cell value (A2) on a differente Excel sheet. ('PDQ original Data'!1:1048576)

This function will search, this value A2 on first column on different shee ('PDQ original Data'!1:1048576).

If a value will be found function, function result will be correspondent cell  column field value (13).

Last function value should be False as in following examples:

=CERCA.VERT(A2;'PDQ original Data'!1:1048576;13;FALSO)

= VLOOKUP(A2;'PDQ original Data'!1:1048576;13;FALSE)

More information can be found at following Microsoft Article

Powershell - CRC - Md5 Calculation

If you need to calculate CRC you can use this Microsoft tool  (FCIV)

Here is a syntax example but you could obviously use a different syntax

Get-ChildItem C:\Scripts, C:\Test, "C:\Documents and Settings\Kenmyer\Desktop" -filter "*.ps1"

[update 2016.04.09]

Here it is a free tool about MD5 Calculation:

Exchange 201x - How to monitor db status before moving active DB through replica

Here is syntax to verify DB copy status:

Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus | fl name, contentindexstate
Articoli di riferimento:


To resolve the issue update the content index on the server on which it has failed.

Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy "MB-HO-03HO-EX2010-MB1" -CatalogOnly

If precedent solution does not resolve you need to start/restart specific Exchange services:

Windows 10 - Updating GPO administrative templates

If you want to manage Windows 10 systems through Group Policy, you need to download .admx using this article:

How to create and manage the Central Store for Group Policy Administrative Templates in Windows

Precedent update could create and error and this article would help to solve:

KB3077013 “‘Microsoft.Policies.Sensors.WindowsLocationProvider’ is already defined” error when you edit a policy in Windows

If you like you can review this Italian article too.

Manual - Data Science with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 free Microsoft e-Book

Data Science with Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Published: October 2016|90 pages

Data Science with Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Buck Woody, Danielle Dean, Debraj GuhaThakurta, Gagan Bansal, Matt Conners, Wee-Hyong Tok
The world around us—every business and nearly every industry—is being transformed by technology. SQL Server 2016 was built for this new world and to help businesses get ahead of today’s disruptions. With this free ebook, learn to install, configure, and use Microsoft’s SQL Server R Services in data science projects. R is one of the most popular, powerful data analytics languages and environments in use by data scientists|Less

Server - Port to be opened about Domain controller and relative joining

During these days I faced necessity to eviscerate firewall rules for specifics projects.

At the same time if you need to find which ports are used from pcs/server to well communicate to Domain controller here they are verbosely list that I found thanks to colleague's help.

Obviously this rules need to be enabled in bidirectional way.

Domain Controller 123/UDP W32Time 
Domain Controller 135 TCP/UDP RPC Endpoint Mapper 
Domain Controller 136 TCP/UDP Netbios
Domain Controller 137 TCP/UDP Netbios Name Resolution
Domain Controller 138 TCP/UDP Netbios Datagram Service 
Domain Controller 139 TCP/UDP Netbios Session Service 
Domain Controller 3268/TCP LDAP GC
Domain Controller 3269/TCP LDAP GC SSL
Domain Controller 389/TCP/UDP LDAP
Domain Controller 445 TCP/UDP SMB
Domain Controller 464/TCP/UDP Kerberos password change
Domain Controller 49152-65535/TCP/UDP RPC for LSA, SAM, Netlogon, DFSR RPC, FRS RPC
Domain Controller 53/TCP/UDP DNS
DNS server 53/TCP/UDP DNS
Domain Controller 636/TCP LDAP SSL
Domain Controller 88/TCP/UDP Kerberos
Domain Controller icmp reply ping reply from DC
Domain Controller icmp request ping to DC
Domain Controller TCP 1688 MS KMS Licensing
Domain Controller TCP 5722 MS Knowledge base - file replication - RPC, DFSR, SYSVOL
Domain Controller TCP 593 Rpc over HTTPS 
DHCP server UDP 67 - 68 DHCP relay