Scripting - How to change working directory .vbs

When you write .vbs scripts and you need to change working directory you need to use below commands.

Option Explicit
Dim objWShell
Dim strCDCache

Set objWShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
strCDCache = objWShell.CurrentDirectory

objWShell.CurrentDirectory = "insertnewpath"
wscript.echo wshshell.currentdirectory

'Restore CurDir if need be.
objWShell.CurrentDirectory = strCDCache
wscript.echo wshshell.currentdirectory

[original article here]

Server - Remote Desktop Services Diagnostic Tool

Here it is a A tool to help troubleshoot Remote Desktop Services deployments in Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012

here it is alternative download link: 

have fun ;)

Tips - How to find host ESXi installation date

If you need to find host ESXi installation date you will need to connect to ESX host via SSH/Command line:

echo -n "ESXi install date: " ; date -d @$(printf "%d" 0x$(esxcli system uuid get | cut -d \- -f1 ))

Original VMware Article can be found here

Wifi - NetSpot FREE edition #Tool

I am taking note about a free tool that usually I utilize to understand any problem on WiFi coverage, a.e. overlapping, rouges WiFi e....

This is a free version (NetSpot FREE edition) with very limited features but it is enough for minimal WiFi troubleshooting. If you need more features (survey) tool payment version exist as well.

Have fun ;)