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 website used to create automatically complex passwords


In case you need to download global Protect client, other than on public Firewall IP here it is relative procedure that you should follow:

  1. Customer Support Portal
  2. Login with valid support account
  3. Updates --> Software Updates --> Global Protect Agent for Windows64 --> GlobalProtect64-6.x.y.z.msi


Here they are commands that are required to, on a Router/L3 Switch, enable DHCP service.

There are other settings but, this example, simple give you a general idea:

Switch# config t


Switch(config)# ip dhcp pool description_or_vlan_name

Switch(config-dhcp)# network lower_vlan_ip subnet

Switch(config-dhcp)# domain-name domain name

Switch(config-dhcp)# dns-server dns_server_1 dns_server_2 

Switch(config-dhcp)# default-router default_gateway_ip

Switch(config-dhcp)# ip dhcp excluded-address lower_vlan_ip_range upper_vlan_ip_range

Switch(config-dhcp)# ip dhcp excluded-address lower_vlan_ip_range upper_vlan_ip_range

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MICROSOFT #LSASS high usage #after patch installation #MARCH 2024 **how to fix**

Microsoft released bullettin advising customers experiencing excessive memory consumption by LSASS on Windows Server 2012-2022 DCs that have installed the following Windows Update(s): 

KB 5035857: March 12, 2024, KB5035857 (OS Build 20348.2340) Windows Server 2022 

KB 5035849: March 12, 2024, KB5035849 (OS Build 17763.5576) Windows Server 2019 

KB 5035855: March 14, 2024, KB5035855 (OS Build 14393.5786) Windows Server 2016

KB 5035885: March 12, 2024, KB5035885 Monthly Rollup for Windows Server 2012 R2: March 12, 2024 

Fortunately, there are workable solutions that you can use to address the high LSASS usage after the 3b Windows update has been installed.

Workarounds suggested by Microsoft are related to install below fix

[original article]

TEAMS #new for Virtualized Desktop Infrascructure (VDI) #deadline 30/06/2024 **no longer supported on 2016**


Microsoft announced that Classic Teams for VDI will reach end of availability on June 30th, 2024.

In case your VDI farm is on Windows Server 2016 this is no longer supported, consider previous announcement you must plan VDI migration asap.

Original article

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Teams #New Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution #MC717969 **CITRIX**365**AZURE**

Office - Microsoft 365 Apps and operative system supported roadmap

  • Windows Server 2016: October 2025
  • Windows Server 2019: October 2025
  • Windows Server 2022: October 2026

[update 2024.06.24]

about this topic there these new dealines

Teams #New Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution #MC717969 **CITRIX**365**AZURE**

Microsoft announced that The new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution for Microsoft Teams is a redesigned version of the existing VDI optimization (WebRTC based) 

This release applies to Microsoft Windows endpoints connecting to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops, Microsoft Windows 365, and Citrix VDI environments only.

Citrix Workspace app for Windows (2203 Long Term Service Release [LTSR], or 2302 Current Release [CR] or higher)

When this will happen:

Targeted Release: We will begin rolling out early April 2024 and expect to complete by late April 2024.

Standard Release: We will begin rolling out in late April 2024 and expect to complete by early May 2024.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 375418

more details might be found here:

Office - Microsoft 365 Apps and operative system supported roadmap

I am taking note about fact that Microsoft 365 Apps is supported on the following versions of Windows Server until the dates specified:

  • Windows Server 2016: October 2025
  • Windows Server 2019: October 2025
  • Windows Server 2022: October 2026

This news will strongly affect infrastrucures where VDI are used on previously O.S.

Vmware #ESX upgrade from 6.7. to 7 version #Error Failed to set the time via NTP

When you upgrade vCenter from 6.7 to 7 version you might face this error:

Error Failed to set the time via NTP

Details failed to synch to the NTP server

Code com.vmware.applmgmt.err_ntp_sync_failed

Could not setup time synchronization.

Resolution Verify that provided NTP servers are valid

Solution would be to sincronize NTP service pointing internal/external IP but changing Time Syncronization Settings mode to host

Here it is more detailed article:

Software - FastStone Capture 10.0.4 screen/video capture and other similar softwares.

I would like to mention an excellent shareware software (that till 5.3 release version was free for personal use)
FastStone Capture has several features to acquire desktop screens and video as well (with high compression ratio)

Allows you to easily capture and annotate anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular/freehand regions and even scrolling windows/web pages. It also allows you to record screen activities, sound and webcam into MP4 video files.

Here they are relative download links:

- Old versions:
- Freeware 5.3 version:
- Lastest versions: (20$ license price)

About similar softwares I would like to mention:
- PickPic
ShareX which has powerfull settings and it is completely open-source
- LightBox that permit to easily copy and paste images
- Greenshot that permit to modify and acquire screenshots, saving to folder, in jpg format. Be aware that all steps are automatically done

ANTIVIRUS #ERROR Request: WinHttpSendRequest failed: 12029 #SOPHOS

If you have a server/client 8.1/2012 facing this problem, indicated in device sophos log, you should follow this article installing correct Microsoft Patch: