MICROSOFT #LSASS high usage #after patch installation #MARCH 2024 **how to fix**

Microsoft released bullettin advising customers experiencing excessive memory consumption by LSASS on Windows Server 2012-2022 DCs that have installed the following Windows Update(s): 

KB 5035857: March 12, 2024, KB5035857 (OS Build 20348.2340) Windows Server 2022 

KB 5035849: March 12, 2024, KB5035849 (OS Build 17763.5576) Windows Server 2019 

KB 5035855: March 14, 2024, KB5035855 (OS Build 14393.5786) Windows Server 2016

KB 5035885: March 12, 2024, KB5035885 Monthly Rollup for Windows Server 2012 R2: March 12, 2024 

Fortunately, there are workable solutions that you can use to address the high LSASS usage after the 3b Windows update has been installed.

Workarounds suggested by Microsoft are related to install below fix

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