Tips - Windows 7 devices and printers hangs hotfix

It could happen that clicking on Devices and Printers the windows hangs up and doesn't show any print.

To solve take a look to the following article:

Windows 7 devices and printers hangs hotfix

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After disabling bluetooth it happen the above problem.

You need to download the following Hotfix:

32 bit patch

64 bit patch

SCCM 2012 R2 and Android Device

With SCCM 2012 there is the ability to use Windows Intune Company Portal in the Google Play store that allows us to enroll Android devices into Configuration Manager 2012 R2.

As we all know the Windows Intune connector broaden our reach of more and more devices to manage. Since the management is really depended of the operating system of the (mobile) device the management options can be different per operating system.

Configuration Manager 2012 R2 together with Windows Intune is able to manage Android devices and offers the following features.
  • Manage Settings like:
    • WiFi profiles
    • Certificates
    • Password settings
    • Device restrictions
    • Encryption settings
    • Security Settings
    • Roaming Settings
    • Remote Full Wipe
    • Remote Selective Wipe
      • WiFi profiles are removed
      • Deployed certificates are revoked on the server
      • Settings policies are removed
      • The device administrator privilege of the management agent is revoked.
Enable Android management.
After you acquired a Windows Intune Subscription and enabled the Windows Intune Connector, the first step in managing Android devices is to enable this feature in the Windows Intune Connector. Just enable the “Enable Android Enrollment” checkbox and you are done.

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Server - New utility that lists computers and devices connected to your network

WhoIsConnectedSniffer is a new utility that listens to network packets on your network adapter using a capture driver (WinpCap or MS network monitor) and accumulates a list of computer and devices currently connected to your network. WhoIsConnectedSniffer uses various protocols to detect the computers connected to your network, including ARP, UDP, DHCP, mDNS, and BROWSER.

For every detected computer or device, the following information is displayed: (Some of the fields might be empty if the information cannot be found inside the packets) IP Address, MAC Address, name of the device/computer, description, Operating System, Network Adapter Company, IPv6 Address.

After collecting the connected computers/devices information, you can easily export the list to tab-delimited/comma-delimited/xml/html file.

SCCM 2012 - Upgrade your SCCM 2012 SP1 environment to SCCM 2012 R2

If you are interested to upgrade your SCCM 2012 SP1 Site I would like to suggest you the following article that explain you, step by step, how to solve this issue: