Office 365 - Email and applications encryption

Office 365 delivers multiple encryption options like Office Message Encryption (OME), S/MIME, Information Rights Management (IRM), and introduces Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Here it is Microsoft related article with all details. (about Office 365 email and application encryption features)

Linux - Elementary OS

I would like to mention this Linux O.S. that aims to be a replacement (and similar) to MacOS or Windows O.S.

If you are interested you might visit official website:

Monitor - 40 monitoring Network & Server Tools

Today I would like to merge old articles and indicate other Monitor tools:

  1. PRTG monitors is freeware using up100 sensors.
    From my experience it work fine with all devices such switches, Firewall, client, Server, Hypervisors, SNMP devices and so on.
    An interesting tips is installing different PRTG istances on different servers (bypassing 100 sensor free limits) using PRTG client software that permit you to have single management console, without having necessity to purchase license.
  2. SolarWinds All Free Network/System/Security/DB/clients monitoring tools
  3. MAP Toolkit 9.8
  4. Veeam One
  5. Naemon Monitoring Server
  6. OpManager is an excellent monitoring platform, I used during these years and is free to monitor up to 10 devices:
  7. AD Lockout Monitoring tool (such as Netwrix, Microsoft tool....)
  8. Scripting - Monitor disk space, cpu load, memory and send html report through email
  9. AD health check with Powershell
  10. Exchange 2010 - How to monitor Exchange Health
  11. Exchange 2013 - How to monitor it with powershell command
  12. Exchange - Microsoft Exchange Server User Monitor
  13. Monitor Wall Board for IT Rooms, tools and tips:
  14. How to monitor website (for free) via email/sms
  15. Netwrix Tools auditing, security and monitoring
  16. Netwrix Auditor:
  17. True last logon to monitor AD
  18. 2012 R2 Server - Install SNMP and enable monitoring
  19. 2012 Server - How monitor 2008 server on 2012 dashboard
  20. Utility that lists computers and devices connected to your network
  21. NetTools
  22. Zenoss Monitor solution:
  23. JFFNMS - Just For Fun Network Management System is written in PHP Language Devices are continuously polled, or JFFNMS can collect events from SNMP traps and syslog messages.  The web GUI displays the status of the devices’ interfaces as well as report on rolling statistics, such as error counts or traffic on an interface.
    Here they are some interesting features like * TFTP Configuration Download and Archival (Cisco IOS & CatOS) and screenshots
  24. LogicMonitor
  25. Spiceworks Network Monitor & Cloud Cost monitor
  26. Vmware ESXi Monitoring
  27. HyperV - how to monitor 80 functionlaity with script
  28. Server - Folder monitoring
  29. OMD Labs-Edition
  30. Nagios XI, Enterprise Server and Network Monitoring Software
  31. Nagios Network Analyzer
  32. AD monitoring Tool (Dovestones)
  33. The Dude automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a map of your networks, monitor services of your devices and alert you in case some service has problems.
  34. NetXMS Open-source network and infrastructure monitoring and management system
  35. Total Network Monitor
  36. 10-Strike Network Diagram - Software for Creating and Drawing Topology Diagrams
  37. Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG): Open source Round Robin Database (RRD)–based network monitoring and graphing tool used to show current and historical information about network devices, specifically router and switch interface statistics. This tool is freely available  from
  38. WhatsUp Gold: Ipswith’s network-device monitoring tool, which is capable of discovering network devices, tracking system health, and receiving Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap and Syslog data. Ipswitch provides a 30-day evaluation of the product, whose price starts around $1,500 for the ability to manage 25 devices. Check out their website at
  39. Cacti: Open source RRD–based network monitoring and graphing tool. If you have used MRTG but wanted something a little flashier or geared towards other types of devices, then Cacti may be for you. Cacti makesit easier to add devices such as servers to your monitored devices list. As with MRTG, this tool is freely available, and you can find it for downloadon their website,
  40. Xymon Monitor (formerly Hobbit Monitor): Open source–device monitoring and alerting tool, as shown in Figure 2-4, that displays current status information for network devices. Like Cacti and MRTG, Xymon is capable of gathering a wide range of information about your devices and offers historical information on those devices in the form of RRD–based charts. One difference with Xymon lies in its ability to send out alerts to configured users in the event that certain conditions have been met, such as a device has gone offline for more than 5 minutes or free disk space on a server has dropped below 100 MB. You will find Xymon on itsSourceforge page at
  41. NetFlow: A Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) component that collects and measures data as it flows through switch and router interfaces. While NetFlow on a switch or router collects data, it does not provide any of the analytical functions. For analytics, you will require a NetFlow collector.
  42. Cisco NetFlow Collection Engine: Cisco’s NetFlow gathering and analysis tool that collects NetFlow data from network devices and allows for centralized analysis of the data. This data can be analyzed across the network to ensure that application data is passing over the network in a manner that is appropriate to the application. For example, you could use this tool to ensure that a business-critical accounting system is not being impacted by users watching YouTube videos. You can get more information about the NetFlow Collector Engine from, but this product comes with a price tag in excess of $16,000.
  43. Splunk: Log Analyzer

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