Security - Netwrix Tools auditing, security and monitoring

I would like to highlight these Netwrix tools.

These tools here indicated are free about auditing, security and monitoring.

Here they are with a brief feature summarization:

Change Auditing Tools

Be notified of changes as they occur. Seeing what objects and attributes have been changed is as simple as opening your email.
Free ToolTrack Changes Made to:
Netwrix Change Notifier for Active DirectoryActive Directory users, groups and group membership, computers, organizational units and permissions
Netwrix Change Notifier for ExchangeExchange Server configurations and permissions
Netwrix Change Notifier for Group PolicyGPOs, GPO links, audit policy, password policy, software deployment
Netwrix Change Notifier for File ServersFiles, folders, shares, and permissions on your Windows-based file servers
Netwrix Change Notifier for SQL ServerSQL instance configuration, database creation and deletion, changes to database users, roles and schemas
Netwrix Change Notifier for VMwareVMware host and virtual machine settings, creation and deletion of virtual machines
Netwrix Change Notifier for Windows ServerWindows Server configuration, including installed software and hardware, local security settings, and registry settings

Password and Identity Management Tools

Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner: Alert your help desk staff about lockout events and troubleshoot account lockouts, analyzing potential causes. Accounts can be unlocked within the console, a Web-based interface or via a mobile device.
Netwrix Bulk Password Reset: Change passwords in bulk across a domain, a subset of computers, or your local machine.
Netwrix Inactive User Tracker: Report on accounts that have been inactive for a specified number of days.
Netwrix Password Expiration Notifier: Automatically send email notifications to your users letting them know their password is about to expire.
Netwrix Password Manager: Empower users to reset forgotten passwords and unlock their accounts through a Web-based, self-service portal without calling the IT help desk. Supports up to 100 users!

Systems Management Tools

Netwrix Disk Space Monitor: Be alerted in real-time via email when disk space falls below certain thresholds on one or more of your servers.
Netwrix Event Log Manager: Collect, alert and report on events from the Windows servers across your network.
Netwrix Service Monitor: Monitor services on multiple servers simultaneously and be alerted via email when one or more services stop unexpectedly. Optionally, automatically restart monitored services ensuring maximum uptime.