Tips - How to send free faxes in all World

When I need to send faxes in any county I utilize this website.

You can send some faxes for a day for free and it really work:


You can create italian fax number registering on this website.

You are able to receive, each month, till 3 faxes. This limitation will occur after 90 days 

Server - Google Chrome GPO creation under Microsoft Domain

Google chrome client settings can be centrally managed with Domain Group policies.

Here they are steps to be done:

  1. Download .admx templates:
  2. You should start creating new GPO as usual on Microsoft domain.
  3. After that you can follow these screenshots to have a major ideas about core procedure and enhancement gained with .admx templates add:

About Firefox you can follow these blogs articles:

[update 2022.08.19]

Here it is procedure updated to meet Edge step by step actions that you should take place

Exchange 2010 - Configuring the Change Password Feature in Outlook Web App

If you want to give user's ability to change password via OWA when they are Out of Office and withouth askint any IT support followingn procedure could be a very good solution.

Here they are original Microsoft articles:

IIS restarting parameters

You need to change on all CAS this register value:

  1. Log on to the Client Access server.
  2. Start Registry Editor (regedit).
  3. Locate the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchange OWA.
  4. Create the following DWORD value if it doesn't already exist: ChangeExpiredPasswordEnabled. The value type will be REG_DWORD.
  5. Set the value of ChangeExpiredPasswordEnabled to 1.
  6. Exit Registry Editor.
  7. After you configure this DWORD value, you must reset IIS. The recommended method to reset IIS is to use IISReset /noforce from a command prompt.
  8. The /noforce parameter is recommended as a safeguard against data loss in case the IIS services cannot all be stopped within the one minute timeout period. If you are certain that it is safe to force IIS to restart, you can omit the /noforce parameter. In addition, 

Extra IT - Bernina Train and 3D Tirano basilica chocolate and non reproduction

During these years I purchased products sold by Mario Cometti of which I appreciated his big professionalism and honesty too.

Specifically I bought the Bernina train at a cheap cost and high quality as well as 3D reproduction of Basilica of Our Lady of Tirano made with 3D printers.

This is an interesting example on how 3d printers are revolutionary.

Contact form:

Il trenino del bernina

Durante questi anni ho avuto modo di apprezzare ed acquistare i prodotti realizzati da Mario Cometti dei quali ho apprezzato la professionalita' ed onesta'.

Nello specifico ho comprato, il trenino del Bernina ad un costo eccezionalmente conveninente e di alta qualita' nonche' la riproduzione in 3d della Basilica della Madonna di Tirano realizzata con stampanti 3D.

Di seguito indico il sito web, alcuni dettagli di contatto e foto:

Contact form:

Il trenino del bernina



Exchange 2010 - A storage transient failure has occurred during content conversion

On Exchange Server on traking log and mail not delivered we saw this error:

A storage transient failure has occurred during content conversion.

How To Check Exchange Rollup Version

Exchange Server Updates: build numbers and release dates

Exchange 2010 SP3 CU2 will solve problem.

To apply a workaround you can see this article

Otherwise solution it was to apply CU 2 at least following this procedure:

  1. Execute Exchange Powershell as administrator
  2. Launch this syntax:

    msiexec /update Exchange2010-KBxxxxx-x64-en.msp

Microsoft - AD CS Migration: Migrating the Certification Authority

here is official Microsoft article that help us to backup and migrate CA in Microsoft domain

i take note of this article in case it would be useful for someone and for personal public notes.

Here they are majors arguments:

  • Backing up a CA database and private key 

  • Backing up CA registry settings 

  • Backing up CAPolicy.inf 

  • Removing the CA role service from the source server 

  • Removing the source server from the domain 

  • Joining the destination server to the domain 

  • Adding the CA role service to the destination server 

  • Restoring the CA database and configuration on the destination server 

  • Granting permissions on AIA and CDP containers 

  • Additional procedures for failover clustering (optional)

Tips - How add signature inside pdf documents with Adobe Reader new version

How you sign a PDF with Acrobat Reader?
At first you need to download latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

  1. Open the document with Acrobat Reader DC.
  2. Select the Tools tab --> Fill & Sign
  3. In the next window click on open under the heading Compile and Signature.
  4. Select top of the document sign command
  5. Select the + next to the item Add signature.

    Add signature or initials
  6.  Now you can choose from three ways to sign this PDF:
    1. Type: write your name and surname and will be shown.
    2. Draw: mouse or a touch screen you can make your signature as if I had a pen and will be saved.
    3. Image: Upload an image of your signature from your PC.

      You can choose to type, draw, or import a signature image
  7. Click on the apply button and drag the text box where you have to put signature and you have finished.
Here is official Adobe procedure:

Exchange - Microsoft Exchange PST Capture 2.0

Microsoft released an interesting tool to discover pst on remote Pcs and published with GPO.

In precedent blog post we mentioned implementation that I did with .vbs and .cmd that collect, with GPO, local pst and they are backup up with hobobcopy and robocopy.

Microsoft Exchange PST Capture 2.0 is used to discover and import .pst files into Exchange Server or Exchange Online.

In any case this article well explain tool usage and implementation:

Exchange - Get-VirtualDirectory cmdlets take a long time to run in Exchange Server

In a Microsoft Exchange Server environment, you run one of the following cmdlets to obtain the properties of a virtual directory for a server in another site that's connected over a wide area network (WAN): 


However, the cmdlet takes much longer than expected to run (about 15 minutes).


To work around this issue, use the AdPropertiesOnly switch with the cmdlet in the calls to the IIS metabase. 

Example 1
Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Server Contoso –AdpropertiesOnly
Example 2
Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Identity "Contoso\owa (default Web site)" –AdpropertiesOnly
The ADPropertiesOnlyswitch specifies that only the virtual directory properties that are stored in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) are returned. 

For more information about ADPropertiesOnly switch, see Get-OwaVirtualDirectory.

Support KB 2896472: