Tips - How add signature inside pdf documents with Adobe Reader new version

How you sign a PDF with Acrobat Reader?
At first you need to download latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

  1. Open the document with Acrobat Reader DC.
  2. Select the Tools tab --> Fill & Sign
  3. In the next window click on open under the heading Compile and Signature.
  4. Select top of the document sign command
  5. Select the + next to the item Add signature.

    Add signature or initials
  6.  Now you can choose from three ways to sign this PDF:
    1. Type: write your name and surname and will be shown.
    2. Draw: mouse or a touch screen you can make your signature as if I had a pen and will be saved.
    3. Image: Upload an image of your signature from your PC.

      You can choose to type, draw, or import a signature image
  7. Click on the apply button and drag the text box where you have to put signature and you have finished.
Here is official Adobe procedure: