Citrix - Office 365 Randomly Asks Users to Reactivate

It might happen that, on Citrix Environment, users may be prompted, randomly, about Office 365, license reactivating necessity.

This Citrix Article well explain on how to fix this behavior, key point is adding some folders that must be synchronized on yours profile server. (when user login/loggoff)

Scripting - File Server migration using robocopy command

In the past we managed 2008 to 2016 migration and so I am taking note about robocopy syntax that it was useful during this project. (focused on file servers migration)

Approach was replicating root folder on new server, enabling share (on new server), stopping old share folder and finally launching this command (from old file  server) for final folder synchronization.

robocopy local_drive:\localfoldername \\remote_server\remote_share_name /E /COPYALL /SEC /MIR /ZB /W:1 /R:1 /LOG:C:\locallogfolder\SYNC_OLDSERVER_VS_NEWSERVER_DATE_TIME.LOG /TEE 

/SEC it replicate security permissions

/Tee it enable video logging real time display

/SECFIX it fix security permissions

Meanwhile I am adding  old blog articles links:

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Scritping - Using robocopy to replicate files to remote location on scheduled tasks and sending final log and status email

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Veeam - How to restore all your infrastructure having only Veeam Backups

I am taking note about an interesting article that simple explain on how proceeding to restore your all infrastructure having only Veeam Backups available.

Tips - Windows 10 /Outlook Emoticons shortcuts

 There is an easy and quick way to insert Emoticons using Windows 10/Outlook.

You simply need to press

 Windows button in conjunction with . (DOT/period button) 

Script - How to enumerate/export, to .CSV, shared Folder/Subfolders Security permissions

It is important to verify shared folder permissions to find any misconfiguration.

I found an interesting script that easily enumerates all shared folders and it creates a .csv file (for reporting purposes).

Here it is relative script and link:

This powershell script enumerates all folder and subfolders permissions of a folder and exporting it to ,csv file.

An alternative article (that I did no test)