Security - Mobile security concerns and risks

Here is an interesting Microsoft article that highlight on fact that often corporate companies focalize on security relate dto PC/Laptops, antivirus and patching but attention is not the same about Mobile devices.

Mobile devices are often more than 60% of entirely IT devices, 80 % of daily tasks are there performed , here they are some numbers:

  1. During 2019 more than 1K security vulnerability was fixed.
  2. About 50 % of iOS devices werefour versions behind the latest OS version and less than 60 % Android devices were more than two versions behind.
  3. 1 of 4 devices was exposed to device Threats (excluded outdated O.S.)
  4. 1 of 5 devices experiences network-based attacks.
About UEM Microsoft mention Zimperium platformleverages their award-winning machine-learining- based engine (z9) that, to date, has detected 100% of zero-day device exploits withouth requiring an update or suffering frmo the delays and limitations of cloud-based detection

Software - Ultra VNC with acknowledgement

During these years I tested and configured Ultra VNC software version (UltraVNC_1_2_09) that permit you to connect to other client prompting for remote access, permissions grants and acknowledgement.

Consider that usually standard VNC installation permit you to connect to remote host with or without password 

End user is not aware that someone is viewing his desktop raising a big privacy issue.

Tips/Antivirus - How to uninstall software on windows with problems #Sophos article

Here it is an interesting Sophos article that give you several tips and tools on how to force sophos Antivirus client removal. some of these tools can be used succesfully applied to all other software.

Here it is article:

Tips - Turn on the ruler when composing an email message

If you like to have rule view similar to Word when you write new email here it is official Microsoft article that well explain how to enable it: