2016 - Print Server and XP incompatibility

There is a well known Windows XP and 2016 print server incompatibility.

If you try to add a printer you will receive below error.

Workaround is, on XP clients, adding a new local printer as below screenshots

You must refer to print server printers using a similar link a.e. \\printserveripaddress\printername

Choose correct printer driver:

Latter point you must assign printer name.

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Monitoring - SNMP

About SNMP I am taking note about this iteresting Paessler article that well explain some SNMP basics and tool useful to be used with PRTG monitoring tools.

Have a nice reading time:


Explore some standard MIB files with a tool that allows you to, like the Paessler MIB Importer (free). Pro tip: If you are a PRTG Network Monitor user, the MIB folder under the installation path of your PRTG instance is a little treasure chest.

Check the capabilities of your own devices. Pro tip: To easily get an overview, you can run an SNMP walk over the main branch OID with a suitable tool, like the Paessler SNMP Tester (free).

Citrix - Netscaler backups approaches

In Citrix environments an important components is NetScaler.

It permit remote connection without using VPN clients.

There are several corrects VM backups ways.

Below article well explain how to:

Freeware - Adobe connect

Today I would like to indicate Abobe connect, software suite for web conferencing, presentation, desktop sharing and remote training.

Meeting rooms are organized into "pods" with a specific role (note, whiteboard and so on)

Here they are major capabilities:

  • VOIP
  • Mobile app
  • HTML 5 clients.
  • Meeting recording.

Here it is video presentation and official Adobe link



And Wikipedia explanation: