Monitoring - VirtualWin with Autoswitcher plugin

There is a very useful software that help to switch from a virtual desktop to another.

This software is VirtualWin with Autoswitcher plugin:

Here they are other plugins that could be useful:

You must consider to copy modules here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\VirtuaWin\modules

You should implement a monitoring solution in this way:

1. Install your monitoring software on a VM or phisical pc with large monitor.

2. Install Ultravnc, Teamviewer, Vmware ESX client with precedent tools...

3. Install on that pc monitoring tools that you like (Veeam One, Opmanager, Nagious...)

4. Install Virtual Win with Autoswitcher feature 

5. You will have a single monitoring place where your IT guys can view or connect to verify your infrastructure status.

Here they is blog monitoring section:

[update 2023.08.01]

To automatically update web page, on edge browser, after a minimal amount of seconds this is correct addon