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XenServer - Rilasciata nuova versione 6.02

E' stata rilasciata da poco la versione 6.02 per la virtualizzazione disponibile al link:

  • Emergency Network Reset: Network Reset provides a simple mechanism to recover and reset a host’s networking configuration to its original state at fresh installation. This is also useful when you simply want to configure networking on a host from scratch, and helps to recover a host from an incorrectly configured state. Refer to CTX131972for detailed information.
  • Enhanced Guest OS Support. Support for CentOS 5.7 (32/64-bit), CentOS 6.0 (32/64-bit), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 (32/64-bit), Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.7 (32/64-bit). Refer to CTX131973for virtual memory and disk size limits for these new guests.
  • Windows XenServer Tools Improvements. Windows Guests now can make use of either .Net 3.5 or .Net 4.0 when installing XenServer Tools.
Hotfixes XS60E001, XS60E002, XS60E003 and XS60E004 are integrated is this version so no need to apply these fixes.

Per l'upgrade guardare la seguente guida:

Step prima degli upgrade:

  1. Scaricare la versione in oggetto
  2. fare il backup con il comando pool-dumpdatabase xe CLI 
  3. Spegnere ogni macchina virtuale non critica
  4. Verificare che ogni macchina virtuale abbia installato lo XEN Server Tool, in caso negativo guardare le seguenti note
Per resettare la rete guardare le seguenti note: