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Recovery - Access, Excel, Word, Office and Photo recovery tools and other blog procedures

During these years I had necessity to recover various files (.doc, mdb, .xls, photos...)  I utilized various free tools (here is an exampl...

Tips - Skype verify session on and how to remote logoff

If we utilize same Skype account on different PC/Devices it could happen that someone see you on line but you are not connected.

There are two useful commands that you could utilize to verify on which device you are logged on and to force relative logoff.

New Chat windows:


  {5469ba7e-6ec9-2c18-6277-229fb59de12c} ‘PCFurio' (Linux Skype)
  {83b12da8-f95f-85f6-dcec-46958ba9ca14} 'localhost' (Ipad Skype)


  {5469ba7e-6ec9-2c18-6277-229fb59de12c} ‘PCFurio' (Linux Skype)