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Recovery - Access, Excel, Word, Office and Photo recovery tools and other blog procedures

During these years I had necessity to recover various files (.doc, mdb, .xls, photos...)  I utilized various free tools (here is an exampl...

Technical diagrams for SharePoint 2016

 These diagrams provide visual representations of recommended solutions for SharePoint 2016 in the form of models, which are poster-size documents.
These resources are available in Visio (.vsd) format (Visio 2010 or Visio 2016) or PDF format, and on

SharePoint Online, Azure, and SharePoint on-prem configurations
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This poster describes four architectural models:
  • SharePoint Online (SaaS) – Consume SharePoint through a Software as a Service subscription model
  • SharePoint Hybrid – Move your SharePoint sites and apps to the Cloud at your own pace
  • SharePoint in Azure (IaaS) – You extend your on-premises environment into Microsoft Azure and deploy SharePoint 2016 Servers there. (This is recommended for High Availability/Disaster Recovery and Test/Dev environments.)
  • SharePoint On-premises – You plan, deploy, maintain and customize your SharePoint environment in a datacenter that you maintain

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