Free 696 Page Linux eBook - [ Linux Quick Fix Notebook ] PDF Version

This book's handy Q&A format gives you instant access to specific answers, without ever forcing you to wade through theory or jargon. Peter Harrison addresses virtually every aspect of Linux administration, from software installation to security, user management to Internet services--even advanced topics such as software RAID and centralized LDAP authentication. Harrison's proven command-line examples work quickly and efficiently, no matter what Linux distribution you're using. Here's just some of what you'll learn how to do:
• Build Linux file/print servers and networks from scratch
• Troubleshoot Linux and interpret system error messages
• Control every step of the boot process
• Create, manage, secure, and track user accounts
• Install, configure, and test Linux-based wireless networks
• Protect your network with Linux iptables firewalls
• Set up Web, email, DNS, DHCP, and FTP servers
• And much more...

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