SCCM 2012 – p.5 - Application Catalog Web Site

Adesso dobbiamo aggiungere i ruoli Application Catalog Web Site al sito.
Si entra come SMSAdmin sul Server

Per guardare l’esito di tale operazione va visto il log seguente:

e trovare la dicitura:

Product: Application Web Service -- Installation operation completed successfully
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e cercare  

AWEBSVCs http check returned hr=0. bFailed=0

Note: You will probably want to verify that the Application Catalog website is working properly at this point but to do so you'll need a computer that has Microsoft Silverlight installed. The Application Catalog requires Microsoft Silverlight, which is automatically installed as a Configuration Manager client prerequisite. If you access the Application Catalog directly from a browser by using a computer that does not have the Configuration Manager client installed, first verify that Microsoft Silverlight is installed on your computer.
Tip: For users who use the Application Catalog, Configure Internet Explorer to exclude the ActiveX control Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.SoftwareCatalog.Website.ClientBridgeControl.dll from ActiveX filtering and allow it to run in the browser. Details of how to do that are found here.