Tips - SAP gui in Windows 7 non mantiente la cache

Dopo aver reinstallato un pc (Vista –> Win 7), SAP Gui non mantiene la cache degli inserimenti fatti.

Questa problematica è stata risolta seguendo i tips presenti al seguente link:

Altri tips sull'argomento di seguito:

Vi sono varie strade fra cui:

- Riparare l'installazione MDAC
- "In our environment I got my SAP history data working by deleting file "SAPHistoryXXX.mdb" from folder "C:\Documents and Settings\XXX\SapWorkDir"."

Da questo articolo:

  • "Here some solution offering form the SAP Experts:
Log out of SAP–>close the logon pad–> In the directory: C:Documents and Settings*yourlogonname*SapWorkDir, deleted or rename the file named SAPHistory*yourname*.mdb–> Log back into SAP and start creating history. Your history should start builing now."
  • 1. Locate mdac.inf under C:Windowsinf (Generally this is a hidden folder. Also windows folder might be named as WinXP).
    2. Right-click the file mdac.inf and click Install.
    3. When prompted for, point to C:Windowsservicepackfilesi386
    4. When prompted for the file handler.reg, either point to C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemmsadc
    5. When prompted for MDACRdMe.htm, point to C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemAdo. If it not present rename the file MDACReadme.htm to MDACRdMe.htm.
    6. When prompted for, point to C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemOle DB.
    7. When prompted for mssoap1.dll, point to C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMSSoapBinaries or C:Program FilesCommon FilesMSSoapBinaries
    8. When prompted for mssoapr.dll, point to C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMSSoapBinariesResources1033 or C:Program FilesCommon FilesMSSoapBinaries Resources1033
    9. If any of the above files not found then look for the file in Windows Installation CD
    I follow the above steps since the the user said that Windows Operating System on his PC is refreshed (new installation) including SAP GUI. I guess the input history in SAP GUI  is not displayed because the Windows is not full installation. There are some objects not installed. Finally after follow all the steps, the input history on SAP GUI is displayed and user very happy.