Programma – Announcing TurnKey Linux 12.0

Turnkey Linux è un progetto che permette a qualsiasi persona di potersi scaricare una distribuzione linux già customizzata e pronta per l’uso dedicata per alcune funzioni particolari (SAMBA, LDAP, Dominio, Mail Server, Firewall, Mysql ….).

Adesso siamo arrivati alla versione 12.0 e la library è passata da 45 a 100 customizzazioni.

A differenza delle precedenti versioni queste immagini di macchine virtuali sono basate su Debian e non Ubuntu come la precedente

  1. ISO: Our bread and butter image format. Can be burned on a CD and run almost anywhere - including bare metal or any supported virtualization platform.
  2. Amazon EC2: 1,414 Amazon EC2 optimized builds, spanning the globe in all 7 regions, in both S3 and EBS backed flavors. The Hub has been updated and all images are available for immediate deployment.
  3. VMDK / OVF: For those of you who like a slice of virtual in your lemonade, we've got VMDK and OVF optimized builds for you too.
  4. OpenStack: The new kid on the block, OpenStack optimized builds are just a download away, get 'em while they're hot. Oh, and don't forget that these builds require a special initrd.
  5. OpenVZ : Is OpenVZ your sweet tooth? Step right up! Using Proxmox VE? The TurnKey PVE channel has been updated as well for inline download and deployment right from your web browser.
  6. Xen: And who can forget about our favorite steady rock, optimized builds for Xen based hosting providers are at your fingertips.

Nel caso in cui partiamo da un tipo di applicazione vecchia alla 12 c’è la possibilità di migrare seguendo la procedura qui indicate nel loro sito web:

Simple: Just use TKLBAM to create a backup of an existing older version and then restore it on TurnKey 12.
TKLBAM only backs up files that have changed since the default installation. That means if you changed a configuration file on TurnKey 11.3 that configuration file will be backed up and re-applied when you restore to TurnKey 12.