2012 Server - SMB 3.0 SAN alternative for small customer in Virtualized Environment

I would like to submit a part of the following article (written in italian language) and translated in English about the useful protocol SMB 3.0 introduced with 2012 Server and Windows 8 that will help small companies that haven't internal SAN budget.


"Using Windows Server 2012 you can use the network share as storage for application servers (SQL Server, Hyper-V). To be precise, the possibility of using network share to store user database was already present in SQL Server 2008 R2, and SQL Server 2012 has added the ability to store even share of the system databases. Now with even WS2012 Hyper-V VM which allows you to run vhd / vhdx are stored on a network share.

In version 3.0 of SMB (Server Message Block) present in WS2012 was introduced SMB Multichannel, a technology similar to the Multipath I / O, but designed for shared access via the network share (SMB 3.0 is the relata the rename of SMB 2.2). The SMB Multichannel allows you to take advantage of multiple network cards for more performance through bandwidth aggregation and fault tolerance through the use of multiple network paths to a SMB share.

There are three strengths of SMB Multichannel:

     Increased throughput through the simultaneous transmission of data using multiple connections.
     Fault Tolerance through multiple simultaneous network connections.
     Automatic configuration as the SMB Multichannel run the auto discover the existence of multiple network paths available and dynamically creates connections. In other words there is no need to install any role, function or component as the SMB Multichannel is enabled by default."

At the following link you can find the related Technet Microsoft Article: