Backup - Vbackup

I suggest the following utility for Backup.

Here are some feature well explained, for better details pleas follow the link above

Main Features

Screen Shot

  • V is fast.
  • Handles large files with ease - and large really does mean LARGE!
  • A Dual Pane interface lets you view directories side-by-side.
  • Folder Tabs allow you to view favorite directories with a single click.
  • Makes full use of keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus.
  • Views CSV files as tables (much like a spreadsheet)
  • Files can be viewed in Greenbar mode.
  • The contents of the clipboard can be viewed as if they were a file.
  • V can be extended through use of User Commands.
  • File Renaming - allows you to easily rename a group of files.
  • File Tailing will automatically refresh a file if it is modified while you are viewing it.
  • Files may be fixed at a column position so anything to the left of the column will not scroll.
  • Wrap long lines to the screen or to a fixed length.
  • Columns of text may be copied to the clipboard. Numerical columns can be summed.
  • A formatted directory listing can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Selections may be appended to the clipboard.
  • Regular Expression searching and GREP.
  • Support for 4DOS descriptions.
  • Extensive command line support.
  • Available in a portable/USB version.
  • and much more ...