SCCM 2012 - Significato dei log per il client SCCM 2012

Segno qui sul blog il significato di ogni singolo di log di SCCM lato client:

L'articolo di riferimento di Microsoft per questo è il seguente:;postID=5025558403634535412

AppDiscovery.log Detects installed Application Deployment Types and if deployed Deployment Types are not installed, this log file will show you why (only for the new style ConfigMgr Applications)
AppEnforce.log will show you the actual command-line executed and the resulting exit code for each Deployment Type (only for the new style ConfigMgr Applications)
AppIntentEval.log evaluates each Deployment Type’s dependencies and policies (only for the new style ConfigMgr Applications)
AssetAdvisor.log inventories all installed software (not 100% sure)
CAS.log Content access service, discovers DPs, download sources and maintains local cache
CCM32BitLauncher.log logs all command-lines for executed packages (old style ConfigMgr)
CCMEval.log depends on %windir%ccm\ccmeval.xml and checks the CCM client’s health
CCMEvalTask.log checks if the CCMEval Task has run
CCMExec.log monitors the client and CCMExec service
ClientIDManagerStartUp.log creates and maintains the client’s GUID
ClientLocation.log determines the assigned ConfigMgr site
CMRcService.log ConfigMgr Remote Control Service
ContentTransferManager.log controls BITS or SMB download of ConfigMgr packages
DataTransferService.log monitors all package downloads
dism.log monitors dism.exe process during OSD (e.g. driver injection)
EndpointProtectionAgent.log System Center Endpoint Protection is now integrated into ConfigMgr 2012 and this is its log
ExecMgr.log logs all deployed packages (old-style) and associated programs and policies
FileSystemFile.log log for software inventory and file collection
InventoryAgent.log logs DDRs (Discovery Data Records) for hardware and software
LocationServices.log finds Management Points, Distribution Points, Software Update Points
MaintenanceCoordinator.log is in control of all the ConfigMgr client’s maintenance tasks
mtrmgr.log software metering
oobmgmt.log Out of Band management, for internet-based clients
PolicyAgent.log requests policies assigned to machine or user
PolicyAgentProvider.log monitors any changes to policies
PolicyEvaluator.log keeps track of new policies
pwrmgmt.log monitors power management activities on the client
RebootCoordinator.log collects information about reboots after software update installations
ScanAgent.log scans the client for need of software updates
SCClient_%domain%@%user%1.log Software Center Client for a specific domain and user, deployments will show up in here
Scheduler.log records scheduled ConfigMgr tasks
SCNotify_%domain%@%user%1.log Software Center Client for a specific domain and user, logs notifications regarding deployments
ServiceWindowManager.log monitors existing service windows for the client in which for example software is allowed to be installed
smscliui.log records usage of ConfigMgr UI in system panel
smssha.log log file for Network Access Protection Agent
smsts.log Task Sequence log
SoftwareCenterSystemTasks.log logs Software Center’s process (startup, end)
StateMessage.log sends software update states to MP
StatusAgent.log logs events created by ConfigMgr Agent components
SWMTRReportGen.log generates usage data report
TSAgent.log logs the process before a TaskSequence starts up, e.g. download of policies
UpdatesDeployment.log shows information regarding Software Updates, if for example updates are enforced or assigned
UserAffinity.log new model of “User Device Affinity” (UDA), checks if there is an existing UDA for the machine or creates/sends a new UDA to the MP