USB - Create USB encrypted with TrueCrypt FREE Software

It's very useful to use our USB device (USB key and external Hard Drive) in crypted mode so nobody can steal our personal information.

At first we must download TrueCrypt (freeware)

Then we must formate in NTFS mode our USB Drive if greater than 4 GB and we want to full encript. (take a look to the following screenshot)

Now we must create our encripted volume/file on the USB drive.

Launch Truecrypt and go to Tools --> Traveler Disk Setup....

Now we have the USB drive with TruCrypt Format.exe (to launch now to format the encrypted file) and TrueCrypt.exe Portable to use the USB on a different PC.

Now we can mount our usb, you must launch Trucrypt.exe as follow:

Note, It's important to Unmount the USB before keep away it from our computer.

[update 2016.12.31]

You should be aware that TrueCrypt development was no longer maintained/updated  since 2014.

Hacker - Truecrypt alternatives

Several security bugs have been not resolved.

You fan review this article about some alternatives that I summarize them in this article too.,.

Here they are Truecrypt alternatives (from my side I use, normally, 2. and 7. options):
  1. VeraCrypt You can find a full list of improvements and corrections that VeraCrypt made on TrueCrypt here. It is open source and free.
  2. Bitlocker no encrypted containers ability and not open source.
  3. DiskCryptor supports encryption of external devices including hard drives, USB drives, CDs, and DVDs
  4. CipherShed
  5. FileVault 2 Apple’s answer to Bitlocker, no encrypted containers ability and not open source.
  6. LUKS
  7. SafeHouse Explorer – 3.01 Portable