Azure - Download Manual Windows Azure Hybrid Cloud

Azure Cloud environment it's very excellent so I copy and Past the following Microsoft Link to download Windows Azure Hybrid Cloud Manual:

Windows Azure Hybrid Cloud
Enabling the Secure and Rapid Adoption of Cloud Services
Hearing buzz around hybrid cloud solutions? Got some questions? For a limited time, download an eBook from Microsoft solution architects that shares their perspective on (1) what hybrid IT is, (2) why it’s important, and (3) how you should determine whether a hybrid cloud is right for your business.
In addition to covering these fundamentals, this eBook also includes key learnings on the following:
  • The benefits a business can expect from adopting a hybrid cloud
  • When and why a cloud management platform is necessary for your business
  • How to manage, monitor, and optimize the performance of your hybrid cloud
  • Important considerations for designing a hybrid cloud solution that ensures resiliency, availability, and scalability
From Windows Azure® Hybrid Cloud, © 2013 Danny Garber, Jamal Malik, Adam Fazio.  Used by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons, Inc.”