Server - HP iLO IP address

Here are some ways to identify ILO ip of different server:

1. If you assume there are stand alone servers (i.e. not part of a blade chassis). You can have a look at this script which uses NMAP to find all of the iLO adapters on a specified network.

bash script:

Here's a similar example using powershell and WMI:

2. You can view and configure your iLO by using the "HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility (American, International)" package available to download from HP:

3. If you do not have too many nodes you can download Angry IP Scanner, it will list all live nodes, you might have to hunt to find your ILO. Just remote to workstation or server on the network and download this little app, its pretty self explanatory.

4. The ILo is important port in the server. Firstly when you connect this port to your network it will take IP address from DHCP so you will remove it and assign static IP address and then you get username & Password from the label at the front panel of the server and then you can access the ILO through IP and you can use of the benefits . One of the important benefits you can use when the server is down you can power it on and bring it up .