Tips - WizMouse makes your mouse wheel work on the window under the mouse

In windows 7 and other Microsoft O.S. there's the problem that when you move mouse on a windows that it's selected scrolling doesn't work.

Looking on internet I found this free utility that easily give us this advance.

Here are some details:
  • Scrolls windows under the mouse without having to click first
  • Enables the mouse wheel in applications that don't support mouse wheels
  • Optionally reverse the mouse wheel direction (like OS X Lion "Natural" scrolling)
Mouse Touchpad users take note: WizMouse may not work with your touchpad as most touchpad drivers do not send mouse wheel messages the way a standard mouse does when scrolling. If you have this problem you'll need to use an external mouse to enable WizMouse functionality.
Logitech Mice users take note: Some users have reported issues when using WizMouse with Logitech mice. This appears to be caused by conflicts between the Logitech mouse driver software and WizMouse. Upgrading your Logitech drivers and/or installing the latest Logitech SetPoint software should solve any such issues.
WizMouse is a mouse enhancement utility that makes your mouse wheel work on the window currently under the mouse pointer, instead of the currently focused window. This means you no longer have to click on a window before being able to scroll it with the mouse wheel. This is a far more comfortable and practical way to make use of the mouse wheel.
WizMouse can also optionally enable the mouse wheel in applications that don't support it. It does this by translating mouse wheel commands into scroll bar commands that all applications can understand and process.
Once WizMouse has been installed and is active, configure it by double clicking on the WizMouse icon in the system tray. If the tray icon has been hidden then launch WizMouse from the Windows start menu or desktop shortcut. 
[option 2]
For a true X-mouse experience, you could use this third party software TXMouse:
True X-Mouse Gizmo for Windows
if you are familiar with Linux x-mouse behaviour, you might appreciate its other functions.


In Windows 7 e altre Microsoft O.S. c'è il problema che quando si sposta il mouse su una finestra di Windows che è stato selezionato lo scorrimento non funziona.

Guardando su internet ho trovato questa utility gratuita che facilmente risolve il problema

Ecco alcuni dettagli:
[Opzione 2]

Per una vera esperienza di X-mouse, è possibile utilizzare questo software di terze parti TXMouse:
Vero Gizmo X-Mouse per Windows
se si ha familiarità con Linux comportamento x mouse, è possibile apprezzare le sue altre funzioni.