Software - How to encrypt data before store them in the cloud

When you utilize any Cloud storage any data that you will have remotely would not be encrypted.
So, to avoid any privacy problem, I would like to suggest utilizing BoxCryptor that locally encrypt data before sending them to any cloud storage purchased.
Here they are some key features:

  • Master Key:  If enabled, the Master Key gives you the power to decrypt every file which is accessible by users of your company or organization - without having to know your users passwords. With this Master Key, you are protected against the loss of access to you property (your files) even in complicated situations (e.g. when a user forgets his password or leaves the company). Learn more
  • Password Reset: Due to Boxcryptor's zero-knowledge nature, a user loses access to his files if the password is lost or forgotten. Without the password, it is not possible to decrypt the user's private key and thus it's not possible to decrypt the files. However, if a company has enabled the Master Key feature, the company can also use the password reset feature. The Master Key gives the administrator of the company the power to decrypt the private keys of all the users that belong to the company. Read more
  • Active Directory Support: Sync your Boxcryptor users with the users in your directory and reduce management overhead.
  • Policies: With this feature a company has the possibility to define its policies and comply with its security guidelines. These policies include the option to define a minimum password length, IP login restrictions, enforcing filename encryption, and more.
  • Reduce HIPAA Liability: Boxcryptor allows you to track your users activities, increase your data security and therefore helps you to be HIPAA compliant.
  • Centralized Management and Invoicing: All the users and the settings defined by the company can be managed by your company's administrator in a centralized manner.