Server - how to expose QNAP iscsi storage to Vmware based system

During these years I had the opportunity to expose QNAP devices (or other NAS) storage like ISCSI.

For this purpose I indicate this official Veeam tutorial to get this result.

The main idea is to expose storage with ISCSI and then connect it to Vmware ESXi.

The best approach it would be to have double switch (for redundancy) and different paths availibility (in this mode) and create a VLAN between ESX(i) and QNAP storage (but it work in any case on same VLAN where there are clients/servers too but with less perfomances)


QNAP screenshot lun creation

ESXI lun connection

Now Status is enabled

[update 2019.05.13]

Here they are updated links to all QNAP Storage products: