Security - Netwrix tool about lockout account and relative alerting

Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner
How many help desk calls do you get from users asking for someone to unlock their accounts? How much time does the administrative staff spend just handling account lockout issues? Loss of productivity, frustrated users, and a huge administrative burden are just some of the inevitable results of implementing a strong password policy, which is required by security and compliance regulations. Should you just give in to user complaints, or is there a better way to keep strong security requirements and effectively resolve account lockouts at the same time?
Native tools lack many features and capabilities that administrators and help desk staff need to effectively resolve account lockouts (downloadSummary: Limitations of Microsoft Account Lockout and Management Tools to learn more).
Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner will help you to:
  • Identify account lockouts in real time: Should an account lockout happen, all operators will receive an email alert with an optional link to a web-based console for quick access to account details and operations. Email alerts can be configured to be triggered only when specified accounts are locked out.
  • Troubleshoot account lockouts: The lockout investigation engine of Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner will do its best to help you find the potential cause of account lockouts, such as mapped network drives, services and scheduled tasks running under stale credentials, disconnected remote desktop sessions, processes running under a locked account, etc.
  • Proactively resolve account lockouts: The product allows you to unlock accounts quickly via a web-based console or even by email from your mobile device.
  • Deal with consequences of Conficker/Downadup virus.
The Freeware Edition has limited functionality but never expires. The table below summarizes features available in each edition.
FeatureFreeware EditionEnterprise Edition
Detect account lockouts in real timeYesYes
Notify administrators about lockoutsYesYes
Analyze the network for possible account lockout reasons, such as system services, scheduled tasks, mapped network drives, and moreYesYes
Unlock accountsYesYes
Reset passwordsYesYes
Role-based security for delegated help desk operator accessNoYes
Help-Desk Portal for web accessNoYes
PriceFree$10,000 site license