Software - PDQ Inventory and Deploy

PDQ inventory and Deploy is a very poor version of SCCM and client-less at the same time.

I warmly prefer SCCM but due to fact that PDQ is easier, cheaper and with less server resources requirements PDQ can be good a choice as alternative. (there is a free version too with less features)


Here they are some feature about that:

Software Deployment : Download the latest PDQ Deploy

PDQ Deploy is a software deployment tool that allows admins to silently install almost any application or patch. 
Its features include:
- Integrates with Active Directory, Spiceworks, PDQ Inventory, and more
- Install to multiple computers simultaneously
- Real-time status
- Install just about anything
- Agentless 

Download the latest PDQ Inventory

PDQ Inventory scans and reports software, hardware, and OS configurations for your Windows network. 
Its features include:
- Scanning for installed software and hardware on each computer
- Create reports on what's installed on your network
- Organize computers into collections that make sense to you
- Really cool admin tools allow you to perform tasks on your computers
- Integration with PDQ Deploy

Here they are product comparisation.

PDQ Deploy Comparison

PDQ Deploy Free, Pro, and Enterprise Features

FeaturesFree Mode Pro ModeEnterprise
Deploy Applications and PatchesYes!Yes! Yes!
Works with MSI, EXE, Batch, and more.Yes!Yes!Yes!
Deploy PowerShell & VB ScriptYes!Yes!Yes!
Deploy to PDQ Inventory, Spiceworks, ADYes!Yes!Yes!
Basic level Package Library Access1Yes!Yes!
Schedule DeploymentsYes!Yes!
Create Multiple Step and Chained (Nested) PackagesYes!Yes!
Integrate with Custom Tools & ScriptsYes!Yes!
Set Automatic Inventory Scan After Deployments 2Yes!Yes!
Throttle BandwidthYes!Yes!
Status Email After DeploymentsYes!Yes!
Wake-On-LAN & Heartbeat ScheduleYes!Yes!
Setup Recurring DeploymentsYes!Yes!
Independent SchedulesYes!Yes!
Multi-user capable (package sharing)Yes!
Full access to Package Library (See list)Yes!
Auto Deployment of Library Packages Yes!
Retry QueueYes!

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