KB3114409 - Outlook 2010 only starts in Safe Mode after installing KB3114409

Last December 2015 outlook 2010 patch KB3114409 creates these problems:

  • Outlook start in safe mode.
  • Outlook 2010 is loaded with the default settings.
  • Reading Pane is turned off.
  • Modified settings aren’t being retained upon restarting Outlook.
  • Add-ins are disabled.
  • The Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon have been reset and can’t be customized.
  • Instant Search doesn’t work.
Other than remove it in add/remove program if you have a WSUS server with patch approved you need to:

1. In the WSUS administrative console, --> click Updates.

2. In the list of updates, select one or more updates that you want to approve for removal and right-click them.

3. In the Approve Updates dialog box, select the computer group from which you want to remove the update, and click the arrow next to it.

4. Select Approved for Removal, and then click the Remove button.

5. After the remove approval has completed, you may select a deadline by right-clicking the update once more, selecting the appropriate computer group, and clicking the arrow next to it. Then select Deadline.

You may select one of the standard deadlines (one week, two weeks, one month), or you may click Custom to select a specific date and time.

6. If you want an update to be removed as soon as the client computers contact the server, click Custom, and set a date in the past.