Software - How to recover O.S. password

About password recovery I found this tool Lost Windows Password Key, it is not free but it work fine.

Usually I utilize Pc Login 2.0 that is free and work fine as Live CD/DVD/USB drive

Pc Login Download:

You can review blog USB live section to learn about how to create USB


Here is a briefly revies about Lost Windows Password Key:

With this tool you would be able to:
  • Recover or reset all user and administrator passwords
  • Reset passwords with a bootable CD/DVD
  • Reset Domain Administrator Password (enterprise lincese)
  • Reset passwords with a bootable USB drive (Pro and Ent. license)
  • Win XP to 10 and Windows Server sull support
Here they are some screenshots that show how to reset windows password with Bootable USB drive

Here is different versions compare table of this product: