Exchange - Your Administrator has made a change and requires you to restart Outlook

If you are facing this kind of problem on Exchange and outlook there are severar reason fo that.


1. At first you can download this tool and evaluate any Office 20XX client problems

Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT) information

The problem arises when an Outlook client connects to the CAS array and initially, if outlook connects to the CAS array member that contains the PF role, then Outlook converges all connections and displays both the Public and Private logons as one single connection (the CAS array name). When the Clients IP address changes, and it Re-connects, if it gets connected to a CAS array member that does not have the PF server, then we get an ECwrong server Response from Exchange, Outlook in its reconnect logic Cannot follow the Redirection Result that contains the correct PF server name, and displays the Error "The Administrator has made a change that requires you restart Outlook"

2. Mitigations:

You have the option to completely suppress the dialog:

How to suppress the pop-up "The Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart Outlook" in Outlook 2010

• Uncheck the option “Show Microsoft Exchange Messages” from the Outlook icon on taskbar, and test the behavior.

This setting is controlled by the registry value..

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Display Types\Balloons

Name: Exchange


Value: 1 (on) / 0 (off)

3. It could be related to Public folder problem

4. If you put in standby your pc and outlook is not correctly closed autodiscover and pc wake un can give you that alert

[update 2016.05.18]

5. Here is an interesting article that explain ADSI edit check to view if Exchange DB references to wrong Public Folder DB

[UPDATE 2016.05.30]

On a DAG Exchange 2010 configuration here is an interesting article that indicate public folder wrong configuration was the main problem, in my case was the correct answer.

On a Exchange server PF was correctly configured with replication, on the other one PF was not well configurated replication, once done that everythings worked better.