Microsoft MVA - What's New in PowerShell v5

Would you like to learn about the latest and greatest features that Microsoft has built into PowerShell Version 5? Be sure to check out this course, and get the details that can enable you to begin using these features immediately.

Explore the new features in PowerShell, including changes in security, scripting, debugging, and administration role management, along with the PowerShell Gallery, ScriptAnalyzer, and DSC. Plus, learn to install modules, implement the Wait Debugger, look at Just Enough Administration, and much more.

1 | Introduction to PowerShell v5
Get an overview of the new features in PowerShell v5.
2 | Package Management
Learn what's new with package management in PowerShell v5
3 | PowerShell v5 Security
Get the details on what's new with security in PowerShell v5.