Technical diagrams for SharePoint 2016

 These diagrams provide visual representations of recommended solutions for SharePoint 2016 in the form of models, which are poster-size documents.
These resources are available in Visio (.vsd) format (Visio 2010 or Visio 2016) or PDF format, and on

SharePoint Online, Azure, and SharePoint on-prem configurations
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This poster describes four architectural models:
  • SharePoint Online (SaaS) – Consume SharePoint through a Software as a Service subscription model
  • SharePoint Hybrid – Move your SharePoint sites and apps to the Cloud at your own pace
  • SharePoint in Azure (IaaS) – You extend your on-premises environment into Microsoft Azure and deploy SharePoint 2016 Servers there. (This is recommended for High Availability/Disaster Recovery and Test/Dev environments.)
  • SharePoint On-premises – You plan, deploy, maintain and customize your SharePoint environment in a datacenter that you maintain

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