Windows 2012 - Deduplication

Windows 2012 has built in deduplication feature.

This permit you to save space.

I you want to add this feature you need, from dashboard:

  1. Add roles and features --> Role based…-->  Next
  2.  File and Storage Services --> File and Storage Services --> File and iSCSI services --> Data deduplication.
  3. After that you can proceed to configure a share folder or a drive with deduplication scheduling when job should work during off working hours

Consider that deduplication feauture is decisevely interesting if applied to HyperV VM(.vhd-.vhdx) to save space.

Here is an italian article that well explain in any case, with W2012 R2 when you are going to create e new VM you will see this option too.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) server