2016 - Essential MSDN video presentation

This video will get you up to speed all things Windows Server 2016 Essentials. It covers who should use Essentials edition, scenarios it is good for, organizational sizing considerations, licensing and pricing considerations. Also learn about the easy dashboard experience and how Essentials edition gives customers a hybrid cloud pathway for moving to the cloud if and when they are ready.
  • [1:16] Small Business Server is now Windows Server Essentials. Why the change?
  • [4:05] Can you give us an overview of Essentials? What are some of its limitations?
  • [6:00] What can users expect with Essentials? Should small businesses be worried to use it?
  • [10:34] How does Essentials integrate with Office 365 and Azure?
  • [16:32] Virtualizing Essentials is an interesting concept. What are some of the benefits and how does that actually work?
  • [18:22] Can you use Essentials as the host OS and VM in this scenario?
  • [20:29] What are some scenarios where you see running on-premise server applications to Azure?
  • [24:28] What happens if someone has Essentials and grows past the 25 user size limitation? What upgrade options do they have?

Windows Server 2016 Essentials is the lowest-cost edition of Windows Server intended for a small company's first server. With Windows Server 2016 Essentials comes a dashboard which simplifies the tasks that you perform to manage your network and server. Common tasks include setting up your server, managing user accounts, managing backups, integrating with cloud services, and more. In this episode we'll provide an overview of Windows Server 2016 Essentials edition and a demo of how to use it.