Veeam - How to export VM from ESX 5.X to 6.X/7.X

During these months I faced following necessity:

"Backup VMs on ESXi 5.1 and export them on new ESXi 6.7 U3 managing old server fault and DR plan"

Here they are actions taken:
  • I tried to export turned off VMs, in .OVA format, and import them on new ESX unsuccesfully.

Solution applied was following.
  1. Download Veeam trial version.
  2. Enable Veeam VM Backups.
  3. Enable Veeam VM Backup and Replication from old to new host.
  4. I tested some VM replicated from old server to new one (shutting down them on old Server and starting them on new Server) from Veeam Console and test was succesfully.
Hoping that these information could be useful for someone.


Below are articles that I used during entirely trouble shooting and Veeam B&R implementation.

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