Server - DHCP Relay #Network #Windows Server side

During these months we worked on Network redisign project and ESX server substitution.

We had two projects convergence due to entirely infrastructure renewal (making zero point for our company).

About DHCP relay, that is the ability to lease IP to different VLANs here it the theoretically and operative part:

  1. On your L3 router o switch you must create VLAN interface with this row
    ip address helper Server_IP

    In this case you are pointing all DHCP requesta to Server_IP

  2. Configure DHCP Server (that usually is on another Server VLAN) to accept DHCP IP requests.

    The Key point is to indicate, in below window, VLAN gateway IP.
    This information is important to understand, dhcp server side, from which VLAN DHCP request is arriving from